Splenda Side Effects How Splendid Is Splenda?

Published: 13th October 2010
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Grab a cup of coffee at your local coffee house and you are sure to see Splenda alongside the sugar and cream. Long touted for its benefits as a zero-calorie artificial sweetener, it has also come under fire for some of the side effects that many users have claimed it causes. While the jury is still out on its side effects, there are many who stand by their claims of ill effects. Let's just take a look at some of the more common ones.

Upset Stomach

After using artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, there are some individuals who experience an upset stomach. While this may be of some concern, it should be noted that there is no hard evidence showing that artificial sweeteners such as Splenda directly causes these problems. It is true however, that some individuals may be more sensitive to using such products and thus experience uncomfortable side effects. If you are worried about Splenda side effects, then it would be best for you to try it out and see how your body reacts.


Another claim of dangerous Splenda side effects has been migraines. There are individuals who say that Splenda has triggered a migraine for them. This also has yet to be proven, as no long term studies on humans have been done using Splenda (testing has been done in animals). Whether or not this is a trigger for migraine sufferers has yet to be determined. And as mentioned earlier, with no hard scientific evidence to back up these claims, it is best to see how you personally react to using artificial sweeteners before making any judgments.

If you are truly concerned about dangerous Splenda side effects, then my simple answer to this is - just don't use it. There are other sweeteners on the market that you can use as a sugar substitute, if you are really worried about any harmful side effects you may experience. Some that initially come to mind are Sweet 'N Low and the non-artificial Stevia.

Both of these sweeteners have long been used as a sugar substitute. If you are looking for alternatives to Splenda or have suffered ill effects from using it, then check out some of the other replacements out there. Products like Stevia have been used in Japan for years and many can attest to its positive uses.

For more detailed information about dangers of Splenda visit: Splenda Side Effects.

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